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We can handle lock, key, and ignition issues for all makes and models of motorcycles.

We’re Baton Rouge’s Mobile Motorcycle Locksmith of Choice

BMW motorcycle with a new key in the ignition (top) and a motorcycle ignition (bottom)

We can handle all of your motorcycle lock and key needs including the cutting and duplication of ignition keys (top), as well as repairing and replacing the entire ignition when necessary (bottom).

We’ve been your local locksmith in Baton Rouge since 1974, with competitive prices and a passion for customer service. If you’re riding a motorcycle, it’s highly unlikely it’s any older than our locally owned and licensed locksmith company. We’re ready to help with motorcycle key replacement for those old school and classic motorcycles, and we have the technology to make modern chipped motorcycle keys and tubular Harley Davidson keys too. If you’ve been putting off getting copies of your keys because there’s no motorcycle locksmith shop in your area, give us a call. We’re mobile and we come to you!

When You Go for a Long Ride, Don’t Pay a High Cost if You Lose Your Keys

When you’ve set your GPS for a day trip or an extended vacation ride out of town, make sure that you have all the duplicate keys you might need for your motorcycle. That includes the gas cap lock and key, of course, and any saddlebag and helmet locks that would be a shame to have to force open if you had to. A lot of great rides head off into quiet, beautiful, isolated areas where a good motorcycle locksmith is hard to find, and may not be as affordable as we are. It would definitely cost more to replace motorcycle keys on the road than to just have a couple of motorcycle key copies made now.

Call Us for Help With Motorcycle Ignition Damage

If you’ve broken off a key in the ignition, experienced vandalism, or bought a used motorcycle and want to be sure you’re the only one with keys, our motorcycle locksmiths can help. We repair motorcycle ignitions, damaged or just worn out over the years, and rekey motorcycle locks, then make additional motorcycle key copies for the new lock so you’ll be covered. In many cases, we can make a motorcycle key replacement even if you don’t have the original, using codes available on the motorcycle or in your files, or traditional locksmith techniques using the lock itself to provide the key information. For modern motorcycles, though, theft prevention is creating issues.

Extra Copies of Your Keys Can Be a Lifesaver

Key copies are becoming more important. Manufacturers have introduced security safeguards to discourage the origination of new motorcycle keys. In the past, accessing the cylinder code or removing the cylinder itself for a locksmith to work on has been an option when you lose your keys or buy an older motorcycle such as a “barn find” without keys. Modern rides have made this much more difficult, and both VIN and proof of ownership or more may be required to get a new key or key and cylinder replacement from the dealer. Now, doesn’t it seem smart to get those keys copied and stored securely?

Your Expert Motorcycle Locksmith in Baton Rouge, LA

At A-1 Safe and lock, we’re here to keep you on the road, and protected when you’re away from home, but taking care of your motorcycle lock and key needs. Let us make ignition and gas cap keys and more, and turn to us for motorcycle lock repair as well. Give us a call and make those backup keys.


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