Access Control Systems

We can install keyless door lock solutions to improve your home and business security.

Securing Your Business or Residential Property with Access Control Technology

access control collage: SmartLock (top), keypad locks (middle), keycard reader in office  (bottom)

We can handle all your access control needs including the installation of smart locks on your home doors (top), keypad locks for home or office (middle), and keycard reader systems for your business. (bottom).

There’s a technological alternative to carrying separate keys or managing a master key system. The access control systems we install and maintain provide flexibility and solid security. Passing close by a proximity reader with the right access credentials can act as the key, while electronic door locks release the door for your access. On a busy day, you don’t have to stop and hunt for keys. The building access control system just checks to see if you’re on the access permissions list for that day and time and you’re in.

Varied Identification Methods and Door Lock Mechanisms to Suit Specific Needs

For every door, there’s an appropriate access control method. Fingerprint locks provide biometric control and paired with card access systems they offer highly secure two-factor authentication for extra protection. Aiphone and video doorbell systems give homeowners and security personnel the ability to identify visitors without direct contact, using door buzzer systems to allow access if appropriate. Electronic access systems can be complemented by CCTV, video IP surveillance, and other electronic security methods to record and provide accountability. For independent code-based door locks, we offer push-button access systems that provide keyless entry without centralized control.

These Days, Commercial Locksmiths Handle Technology as Well as Physical Security

Our commercial locksmith team handles low voltage electric power wiring and other connectivity for access control systems including electronic door hardware, maglocks, electronic door strikes, and magnetic locking systems. We securely connect manual identification stations from keypad locks to fingerprint access systems. When we perform access control systems integration and installation, we’re protecting your system’s wiring from tampering as well as securing your locks and keyless entry devices. We perform touchless access control installation and other electronic access systems that also meet accessibility requirements, such as wheelchair-height sensors and commercial door access control systems with powered door openers.

Electronic Security and Standalone Keyless Entry for Extra Protection

CCTV installation for entries and emergency exits, high-security areas such as storerooms and financial offices, and areas that need monitoring for safety such as machine shops can complement your commercial access system. With CCTV or Aiphone camera installation, video doorbell, or other visual monitoring and buzzer entry systems, you can move your reception area or security desk within your electronic access systems perimeter for greater security.

Covering Your Unmonitored Doors Including Emergency Exits and Shipping/Receiving

With CCTV cameras covering your doors with alarmed exit devices, you can identify unauthorized use of these exits and prevent loss or unmonitored entry. Alarm systems on your dock for off-hours use to protect this often unsupervised exit, and door access control with electric strike installation on the door can help manage authorized users such as parking lot access. For especially vulnerable external doors, consider high-security locks and keys that repel attempts at intrusion.

Combining Physical Access Security with Modern Technology, A-1 Safe and Lock Access Control Solutions

A-1 Safe and Lock has been in business since 1968, providing up-to-date lock and key and now access control systems for Baton Rouge, LA homes and businesses. Our locally owned, licensed company is ready to help you get secure. Give us a call to find out more.


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