Car Key Replacement

No matter the make or model, we can make keys for all of your vehicles.

We’re Your Local Experts for Car Key Replacements and Lockouts

transponder head car key being cut (top) and an automotive fob being programmed (bottom)

Some of the most common car key jobs we handle are cutting transponder head car keys (top) and programming new fobs like this one for an Infinity. (bottom)

There’s nothing more reassuring than seeing our well-marked vehicle drive up when you’ve locked yourself out of your car. We’ve been serving as a local locksmith since 1968, so you can count on us to have extensive expertise in all sorts of home, commercial, and automotive locksmith jobs. At A-1 Safe and Lock, we know car locks and keys, from a 1968 Camaro to a late model Lexus. We can get you into your locked car and replace lost keys using codes and other methods. All that with the friendly, professional service we’ve been providing all these years. Our locally owned, licensed mobile locksmith service covers Baton Rouge, LA, and the surrounding area, with a passion for excellent customer service.

For Spare Keys and Lost Keys, We’re the Ones to Call

Each car model may have a different type of key or keyless access, remote technology, and key fob programming. In this ever-evolving area of technology, we keep up with most of it so we can help our customers no matter what the type or age of their car is. In your driveway or around town, here are some of the car key and fob replacements we can do:

  • Japanese car keys, car remotes, and key fob programming for brands like Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, and Mazda
  • Korean car keys, fobs, proximity keys, and remotes for brands like Hyundai and Kia
  • Keys for domestic models such as Ford, GM, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, and Cadillac car keys with transponder key cutting

Whatever your key and remote needs, we can usually take care of them on the spot. We also provide replacement key fobs, remote head keys, prox keys, intelligent keys, smart keys, and car key programming for brands like Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and many others. We make keys for most domestic and foreign cars, with the exception of German and European models.

A Locksmith for All Your Car Lock Needs

We can help you save time as well as car key replacement costs with our mobile auto locksmith service. If your key fob has just stopped working, we may be able to help with key fob battery replacement and renewing remotes and key fobs by repairing broken plastic key shells and swapping out circuit board chips. We’re versatile locksmiths, ready to help with your lost key replacement and remote problems, and getting you a replacement key for your car so you can get on with your life.

Car Key Situations Can Be Complex, But Calling Us for Help Isn’t

From aging and unreliable steering wheel locks in classic cars to sometimes unpredictable modern electronic car locking systems, A-1 Safe and Lock is the automotive locksmith you should call for help in the Baton Rouge, LA area. Our expert locksmith can help with lockouts, make new car keys and remotes, and solve your car key and access problems by coming to you, and providing our personalized customer service and fair pricing you’ll appreciate. We’ve been the local locksmith for our area since the age of muscle cars, and we love to help you get in and drive. Call us.

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