Door Services

We’ll make sure your home and business doors are looking good and working properly.

Let Us Solve All Your Home and Business Door Issues

an attractive and secure door on a home (top) and a commercial door with maglocks at the top and crash bars for accessibility (bottom)

We can handle all of your door jobs including residential door repair/replacement, and the installation of new door hardware including smart locks (top). We can also make sure all your commercial doors are up to code for accessibility with features like crash bars, as well as keeping your property secure with maglocks and other access control devices (bottom).

Door problems can be quite a concern for your home, office, warehouse, and other commercial spaces. Doors serve as entrances to our homes, our businesses, and or vehicles, and a shoddy door or a broken lock can prove quite a hindrance to feeling secure wherever you are. At A-1 Safe and Lock, we have over 40 years of experience serving clients in Baton Rouge, and a genuine passion for the work we do. Whenever you have a door issue that you need to be fixed, you can give us a call. Most of the time, we only need one visit to diagnose the problem.

We Offer Full Door Replacement Services

We can help you with your door problems in a variety of ways. If the door has suffered damage to its hinges or its main material, we can fix that. But the worst situation is when your entire door needs to be replaced due to a break-in or the door and/or frame just being old and rotten. If the whole thing needs replacing, we can handle that too. Our experts will come out to get measurements and work with you to choose the best door for your purpose and budget, and then get started right away as soon as all the available parts are acquired.

We’ll place an order for new doors that we don’t have immediate access to. And if you’re worried that your door is made out of material that we might not have experience with, try us. You’d be surprised how many material types we can replace, including:

  • Wood (Birch, Beech, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, etc.)
  • Hollow Metals (Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Steel, Titanium, etc.)
  • Glass
  • Composite Materials (Metal Allows, Poly-Fibers, etc.)

Door Security Services

If you want to beef up your security in your home or business, at A-1 Safe and Lock we’ve got you covered. Our highly skilled technicians can install all types of manual and electronic locks.

If you want improved locks on your doors and windows, a smart security system that can detect intruders, or a panic button you can press to alert authorities in an emergency, we can install all of that for you, no problem.

High-Security Lock Services

We can put in high-security locks on all types of doors, as well as smart locks to help make sure nobody without the proper access can gain entry when you don’t want them to. If you’re curious about the types of smart locks and high-security mechanisms we offer, our technicians will be more than happy to talk to you about that. There are a number of different kinds of keys we can manufacture, as well as non-traditional entry methods. Keypads, card-swiping tech, you name it.

Plus, we manufacture all of our locks and keys with premium equipment. With access to high-quality hardware from brands like Schlage, ASSA, Cal-Royal, LSDA, KABA, HES, and Amsec, there’s very little work that we can’t do for you!


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