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Who Has Your Keys?

You should trust every person that has access to your keys. This can be difficult when others may have add access to the keys before you moved in, or while the property was vacant.

In one recent case, people were finding “strange occurrences” in their home that made it clear someone was letting themselves into the house. The property owner was adamant that they had never heard of such a thing, but the tenant had evidence. After getting their locks changed, the occurrences ceased to exist.  In another situation, people returned to their home after a vacation and found out that someone had broken in through the front door, without forced entry. They contacted the previous tenants who denied ever living there. After changing the locks immediately, they felt much more secure in their home.

Having your locks changed when moving into a new property is an absolute must. While you may trust your real estate agent initially, there is no telling who has a copy of your keys. A 24 hour locksmith will be on your side for all lock changing purposes. At A1 Safe & Lock, we are the experts in changing locks and providing you some much needed home security. Contact us at anytime to have the locks in your home re-keyed and changed.


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