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Residential Locksmith Services

Home security is a top priority at A-1 Safe & Lock

Residential Locksmith ServicesWhen it comes to the safety of your family and your personal assets, you can trust A-1 Safe & Lock to install new or replacement security devices.

A-1 Safe & Lock is a Certified ASSA Lock Dealer, and our Residential Locksmith technicians all pass rigorous background screenings and receive thorough training regarding security compliance, process, and procedures which protect your home and  assets.

Make sure to ask about A-1 Safe & Lock‘s complete home solution security package.

Residential Locksmith Services

Lock Re-Key Services: Allows you the option of making new keys for old locks by making little changes within the locks so that only new keys can open the existing locks. This helps to prevent access from past owners who may have copies of the old keys. No more carrying around 5 or 6 different keys for your home. Our technicians can re-key your locks to be used by one key.

Duplicate Keys:Our locksmiths are fully equipped to make duplicate key for doors, mailboxes, safety deposit boxes, desks and filing cabinets.

Master Key Services: Allows you to have one single key for multiple locks in the home. A master key gives you the option of replacing a bunch of keys with one single key.

Locks Repaired: If a lock become too tight or it is not locking or unlocking properly, adjustments can be made or lubricants applied to ensure smooth operation of the lock.

New Lock Installation:  This is especially important following a robbery or after a new home purchase. Our technicians may recommend a high security lock with a unique locking mechanism to ensure added security.

High Security Locks:  These locks provide maximum safety with locking mechanisms which have unique batch numbers. This is especially important for properties in high risk areas.

Keyless Entry Locks:  Keyless entry is the future. No more worrying about lost keys with our state-of –art keyless entry systems.

Safes Sold, Repaired, Opened, and Installed:  Scrambling because the combination to your safe is lost? We can open it for you! We also carry a wide selection of safes for your home, and A-1 Safe & Lock can deliver and install.

Dead Bolts: At A-1 Safe & Lock we carry a great selection of dead bolt styles and finishes that can match any décor, such as Double, Single, Keyless, Patio and Dummy dead bolts.

Custom Locksmith Solutions

A-1 Safe & Lock’s trained professional Residential Locksmiths provide a free estimate tailored to your customized need.

Our Warranty

From replacements to full security system upgrade, we provide only the highest quality warranted products, and proudly warranty all of our parts and services.