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Commercial Locksmith Services

Protect Your Business Assets with A-1 Safe & Lock

 A-1 Safe & Lock provides high quality locksmith services for commercial and industrial applications. Our highly trained and certified professionals will make the privacy and confidentiality of your security needs a top priority.

A-1 Safe & Lock is proud to be a Certified ASSA Lock Dealer. Our Commercial Locksmith technicians all pass rigorous background screenings. They also receive thorough training regarding security compliance, process, and procedures which protect your business assets.

Commercial Locksmith Services
Commercial Locksmith Services
Other locksmith products and services include:

  • Access controlled systems
  • Safes Sold, Serviced, & Repaired
  • Keyless Entry Locks
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Commercial Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • File Cabinet Locks

A-1 Safe & Lock is proud to have a long list of loyal commercial clients because of the high quality security work our Commercial Locksmith technicians perform. We understand how to protect you business assets.

    • ASSA High Security Locks: We are the sole distributor and only locksmith that can sell ASSA High Security Locks in South Louisiana. These locks provide maximum safety with locking mechanisms with unique batch numbers. This is especially important if you have property in areas which have a high risk of theft.
    • File Cabinets Locks: Employee turnover is always a problem for any business. Having one of our locksmiths install custom lock keying and unique key codes for cabinets ensures that your information will not be compromised. We offer options such as providing a master key for all cabinets or providing different keys for batches of cabinets. Custom keying for padlocks and desk locks is also available.
    • Master System Re-Key: Our Master Key Service allows you to have one single key for multiple locks in the home. A master key gives you the option of replacing a bunch of keys with one single key.
    • Access Control:  Banks, hospitals and all commercial institutions where restricted entry and exit to authorized personnel are a must will find great benefit for these systems. This can include access badges, unique access keys, pin numbers, biometric input systems where entry is regulated by finger prints of the staff. Also offered re serial controllers with intelligent readers and terminal server control, network enabled control systems plus much  more.
    • Lock Re-Key Services: At A-1 Safe & Lock our Lock Re-Key Service allows you the option of making new keys for old locks by making little changes within the locks so that only new keys can open the existing locks.  This helps to prevent access from past owners who may have copies of the old keys.  No more carrying around 5 or 6 different keys from your home. Our technicians can re-key your locks to be used by one key.
    • Door Closers and Door Buzzers
    • Electronic Locks
    • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television systems): Surveillance cameras have proven to be an extremely useful tool in providing safety and security in the workplace. High demand and advancements in technology have made these services affordable to the homeowner. Some of the applications for these systems are crime prevention/evidence, industrial monitoring, traffic monitoring, transport safety, and the ability to monitor a site from a remote location along with closed circuit digital photography.
    • Exit Devices

Custom Locksmith Solutions
Depending on your residential, commercial, or industrial need, A-1 Safe & Lock’s trained professionals provide a free estimate tailored to you.

Our Warranty
From simple replacements to full security system upgrade, A-1 Safe & Lock is proud to offer only the highest quality warranted products, and we warranty all of our services and parts.