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Don’t Get Stranded

This past holiday season, we found that more people than ever were in need of a car locksmith. You’re rushing in and out of stores to find gifts for your family and in the midst of the hustle – you end up locking yourself out of your car. You have already spent money shopping and […]

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Who Has Your Keys?

You should trust every person that has access to your keys. This can be difficult when others may have add access to the keys before you moved in, or while the property was vacant. In one recent case, people were finding “strange occurrences” in their home that made it clear someone was letting themselves into […]

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How Security Can Help Save You Money

Anytime there is an opportunity to save a few dollars, it is worth taking a look at. Having proper security measures in your home can help you save in more ways than one. Of course there is an initial investment of purchasing the security products or programs that you decide upon for your home safety, […]

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Choosing the Right Business Safes in Baton Rouge

Choosing the Right Business Safes in Baton Rouge Whether you have just opened a new business, are expanding an old one – you need to think about what security measures you are going to take. This includes purchasing and installing the right business security safes. If you have never uses a business safe or vault […]

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Keep Your Firearms Secure with a Gun Safe

Keep Your Firearms Secure with a Gun Safe When we hear gun safety, we think of the proper procedures of using a gun. However, we do not always think of gun safes. It is important to make sure that your guns are safe when they are not in use. There are a number of different […]

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Using a Baton Rouge Locksmith to Install Home Safes

Using a Baton Rouge Locksmith to Install Home Safes While it used to only be the rich and famous making use of home safes. Many residents in Baton Rouge are turning to a quality Baton Rouge locksmith for the added security that a home safe provides. When the words “home safe” come to mind, many […]

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Save With Locksmith Services

SAVE WITH LOCKSMITH SERVICES A1 Safe & Lock aims to provide professional locksmith services in Baton Rouge, and they also want to save their customers valuable time and money. The list below includes the top five tips to save with a locksmith. Whether it’s making you more prepared, or helping you make an informed decision, […]

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Ensure Burglars Do Not Come In Windows Or Doors!

ENSURE BURGLARS DO NOT COME IN WINDOWS OR DOORS Windows and doors are the most used entry point for burglars and intruders. It is essential for homeowners to take extra precautions when securing these entryways and try to detect the potential threats of their home. According to a recent study by the National Crime Prevention […]

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Smart Locks for the 21st Century Homeowner–This is What We Can Look Forward To!

Have you ever went out to dinner or to a movie with friends and second-guessed yourself on whether you locked your door? You may have already been in your bed drifting to sleep, but suddenly woke up and wondered whether you locked your door. Have you ever lost your keys or had them stolen and […]

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